Community Education Computer Society

Computer Literacy For All!

CECS was established in April 1985 - 31 years of ICT Education & Training

The organisation is not operational anymore since 2017

This website is only here for institutional memory

Meraka Institute

CECS is colloaborating with Meraka Institute regarding the implementation of the Free Knowledge for ICT Literacy portal.

Platinum Development Trust

PDT is based in Brits and is a community, trust registered as a Section 21 company under the Trust Act of which the main aim of the Trust is to ensure ongoing upgrading and development of the Oukasie (near Brits) community and surrounding areas. PDT has signed an agreement to partner with CECS as a service provider to provide quality computer training courses at ODTs centre based in Brits.

Tshedimosetso Advice Development Centre (TADC)

TADC is an NGO involved in different aspect of community development and is based in Warrenton, Northern Cape. A funded feasibility study conducted in Warrenton, Ikhutseng and Warrenvale in 2000 indicated a great need for computer literacy training.

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