Community Education Computer Society

Computer Literacy For All!

CECS was established in April 1985 - 31 years of ICT Education & Training

The organisation is not operational anymore since 2017

This website is only here for institutional memory

The Free Knowledge for ICT Literacy portal aims to:

  • Demystify free/libre and open source software (FLOSS)
  • Provide web links to learning materials for FLOSS

The Vision of the Portal

The vision of the portal is to: provide access to free learning resources for ICT literacy using free/libre and open source software to enable people to change the conditions of their lives for the better.

Why Do We Need a Portal?

One common reason for setting up a portal is to improve access to online information in a particular field by highlighting the best of the most relevant resources. The following are some of the reasons for setting up the Free Knowledge and ICT Literacy portal:

  • to provide and guide people to the best information (training materials, facilitators guides, free software) available on and for ICT training NGOs
  • to highlight and promote the work of ICT training NGOs and ICT trainers
  • to facilitate sharing of information on ICT training best practises
  • to enable ICT training organisations to collaborate and share knowledge, find answers, materials and build relationships
  • to promote communities of practise and learning

The Portal Principles

The portal will be based on the following principles:

  • Open standards for interoperability of knowledge and learning resources.
  • Freedom to study, use, modify and freely share content.
  • Collaboration, cooperation and sharing.
  • Easy access for different bandwidth capabilities

Who Should Benefit From the Portal?

Who are the primary stakeholders for this portal? The portal should benefit:

  • Those who govern ICT training NGOs such as CECS Country Committees
  • Those who work in ICT training NGOs, managers, trainers, technical people, volunteers
  • Governments in the SADC region to support activities undertaken by local NGOs
  • Funders who will get a sense of the work being done in the region
  • Those who support ICT training NGOs such as eRiders
  • Fee Software and Open Source Centres in southern Africa and elsewhere
        Telecentres in the Southern African region

Accreditation & Registration