Community Education Computer Society

Computer Literacy For All!

CECS was established in April 1985 - 31 years of ICT Education & Training

The organisation is not operational anymore since 2017

This website is only here for institutional memory

The course is an introductory course and is aimed at those who have never used a computer before or those who have had limited interaction with a computer. The aim of the course is to empower individuals with skills to operate a personal computer, create and edit documents, effective creation of worksheets, creating presentation slides, and effective use of the Internet and E-mail.

This course is aligned to SAQA/NQF Unit Standards.



Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) - Unit Standard 117925
  • Module 2: MS Windows - Unit Standard 258883
  • Module 3: MS Word - Unit Standard 117924
  • Module 4: MS Excel - Unit Standard 116937
  • Module 5: MS PowerPoint - Unit Standard 117923
  • Module 6: Internet - Unit Standard 116931
  • Module 7: Emailing - Unit Standard 116945

Also included is keyboard and mouse skills.

Click here to see a detailed course outline and the unit standards the modules maps to.

Benefits of Attending the Computer Literacy Course at CECS

  • Training is mapped to SAQA Unit Standards
  • On completion of the training, you will be assessed against the Unit Standards at no extra cost to you
  • You receive a detailed course manual
  • Your get access to our computers and the Internet on Fridays at no extra cost (conditions apply)
  • Setting up of a personalised e-mail address
  • You will undergo a lifeskills training programme at no extra cost

Accreditation & Registration