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CECS was established in April 1985 - 31 years of ICT Education & Training

The organisation is not operational anymore since 2017

This website is only here for institutional memory

CompTIA A+ and N+ certification is essential for anyone entering the computer support field. In fact, this credential not only validates your skills in tasks such as installation, diagnostics, configuring, performing preventative maintenance, and basic networking, it is becoming a qualifying factor in the hiring process. If you are preparing yourself for a position as an IT Technician, Help Desk Support, or a variety of technical roles, getting certified will serve you well. With many companies now requiring A+ and N+ certification of their computer support technicians, obtaining the necessary A+ and N+ training is a critical first step towards a better job.

CECS has combined the A+ and the N+ certification to form the A+ PC Technician and Networking (N+) course. CECS is a member of CompTIA since 2004.

Course Benefits

  1. You will be charged about double of what commercial training institutions charge for this type of course, yet we maintain the quality of training which is comparable and in some respects surpasses that of commercial training institutions.  Commercially, this course will cost about R18,000.00.
  2. The exam fees are R 1 100.00 each for the two A+ certifications and R 1 400.00 for the N+ certification.  This is because CECS is a member of the CompTIA Education to Careers (E2C) programme and is able to offer this to CECS students. Commercially, you will be charged about R1800.00 per module, that is R5400.00 just for the exams.
  3. You will be provided with extensive sample tests to improve your chances of passing the exams the first time.

About the Certifications

CompTIA A+

IT success stories start with CompTIA A+ certification. It validates understanding of the most common hardware and software technologies in business and certifies the skills necessary to support complex IT infrastructures. CompTIA A+ is a powerful credential that helps IT professionals worldwide ignite their IT career.

Click here to download the A+ Hardware curriculum

Click here to download the A+ Software curriculum

CompTIA N+

CompTIA Network+ is a vendor neutral networking certification that is trusted around the world. It validates the essential knowledge and skills needed to confidently design, configure, manage and troubleshoot any wired and wireless networks. CompTIA Network+ certified individuals are in-demand worldwide.

Click here to download the N+ curriculum


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